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Danya and Addison are caring, intelligent people who are also lesbian lovers. They have professional careers, a beautiful home, a baby on the way and a passion and love for each other unmatched by any in history. But someone has a lifelong secret that threatens to destroy all they hold dear, forces them to look at each other in a different light and to answer profound questions of, do we really see each other in a relationship and why do we love who we love?

As the couple struggle to come to terms with what's before them, they are forced to look at the truth, grasp the complexity of the problem, and come to a critical decision within only forty-eight hours.

Can they survive the ordeal? Will their unconditional love win over reality? “Would You Love Me If?” is a story of a committed couple facing the life altering choices the modern world offers and examines what happens when a person’s happiness and sense of self is pitted against one’s commitment to another.

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